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Principal's Message

I would like to begin by welcoming back all of our returning students and extending a warm welcome to all the new faces this year will bring! We, the Sakewew Staff, are very excited to be back after a restful summer and cannot wait for our new school year to begin! After a few years of dealing with a Covid Pandemic, it feels like we are nearly back to normal! Masks and sanitizers will still be available for those students who wish to continue using.

As with every school year, we had a pipe ceremony and prayer to start the year off in a good way on September 1st. We will be preparing for a feast, which will be held on September 12th. More details will be shared by our Cultural Coordinator, Mr. Albert at our School Assembly on September 8th. Also, our school will once again be offering a Culture & Language Land-Based Program, where students can attain three Grade 10 level Credits within one quad. Please see the school Administration for further information on the program.

I look forward to working with our Sakewew students and families. Each new school year brings learning and growth for all – staff, students, and parents. We pride ourselves in continuing the work of the Following Their Voices Initiative – where your voice matters! Please feel free to stop by the office for questions, concerns, or to share your ideas. Also, if you have not already done so, please join our school Facebook page where current events and information is shared.

Yours in Education, Ms. Bugler

Sakewew High School Class of 2023

Sakewew Graduation 2023


Following Their Voices

Following Their Voices is an initiative designed to raise the educational achievement and participation of Saskatchewan’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit students. Following Their Voices focuses on enhancing relationships between students and teachers, creating structures and supports for teachers and school administrators to co-construct teaching and learning interactions with students and creating safe, well-managed learning environments. Following Their Voices is based on research that was conducted with First Nations and Métis engaged and non-engaged students, parents/caregivers, teachers and school administrators about what is needed in order to be successful as a First Nations or Métis student in school. The ‘voices’ of these groups of people were profound in terms of the issues they identified. Their words and insights, along with international research, and guidance and advice from Elders and Knowledge Keepers formed the foundation of this initiative.

For an overview of the initiative please see Following Their Voices – A Developmental Journey


Our Elders & Knowledgekeepers

Twenty three Elders and Knowledge Keepers (Cree, Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, Dene, Métis and Nakawe) have been engaged and involved in Elders’ Gatherings, provincial professional learning and development sessions, Leadership Team meetings and in focus group committees to support the implementation and development of Following Their Voices.

“You need to listen to their culture, their belief system and you will understand . . . then you can help the students. Before that you can’t help them ‘cause they don’t understand you and your culture and most times your language. Listen, learn and understand.” –Mary Lee, Cree Elder